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Scenic view

of the mountains

Finnish sauna

immune system stimulation

Bio sauna –

the gentle alternative

Steam bath

muscle relaxation

Gentle and health-promoting

The bio sauna

Unwind at moderate 55 degrees Celsius and a mild humidity of approximately 40 to 55 percent in a relaxing atmosphere. This type of sauna is gentle on the circulation and beneficial for your skin. It is especially suitable for guests, who experience the classic sauna as too hot and exhausting.

Steam bath
Muscle relief

Steam bath

Featuring an ambient temperature of approximately 45 degrees Celsius and 100 percent humidity, the steam bath awaits with a milder, more humid warmth than a classic sauna. This combination has a relaxing and soothing effect and is not as challenging for the circulation. In ancient Greece and Rome this muscle relaxing effect was already appreciated.


The Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna reaches a temperature between 85 and 95 degrees Celsius and is characterized by a very low humidity. The significant loss of fluid you experience, promotes the purification and detoxification of your body and stimulates your cardiovascular as well as your immune system.

Access to the spa

Guests in the Dolomitengolf Suites benefit from access to the entire indoor spa area, covering 1,000 sqm.


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